Cadastral/Coordinate Geometry Data Conversion

Map Group Ltd. creates framework for a successful cadastral conversion project in using 10-years of project management, digitizing and coordinate geometry (COGO) mapping experience. We create cadastral databases using a combination of precision automation techniques. These include entry of distances and bearings from recorded plats, scanning and digitizing tax assessment maps. The scanned and digitized cadastra is then adjusted to “best-fit” survey control and plan metric features (centreline, edge of pavement, and buildings). A network of geodetic control points is positioned throughout the project to ensure the continuity of future database inclusion.

Facilities/Utilities Conversion

Map Group Ltd. provides data conversion services to clients such as water and sewage treatment facilities. We scan and/or digitize existing sources and “best fits” them to the newly created photogram metric base map. Map Group Ltd. also uses GPS to locate utility structures to provide a framework for the source automation.


Map Group Ltd.’s process guarantees that GIS topology, connectivity, and characteristics are suitable for the client’s application and analysis. We interface such data with application software for hydraulic modeling, maintenance, inventory and network analysis applications.


All sheets are created with the appropriate title block information. This allows a resolution of the hardcopy at 1000 dots per inch. The quality of the products is comparable to continuous tone photographic quality. We also provide plotting consultation for the creation of plotting routines, hardware and software requirements and raster/vector integration

  • Printing high quality and accurate maps
  • Printing with 4 and 8 colors
  • Excellent type of printing press paper 36”, 42” and 60”
  • Laminating