In the emerging market of Kurdistan region of Iraq, construction industry is growing rapidly relative to Oil & Gas Industry. Transportations have a dynamic role for urban development and our GPS tracking service is to ensure safe personal and asset tracking as we have learnt about the concerns raised from private and government sector on finding locations and addresses. One of the distinguished successes that Map Group Ltd. has comprised its first digitized imaging map of Erbil city, the impact of company has introduced the capability of our skills and services, also the graphic and sketches of our city in imaging mapping constructions to several public and private sectors. Thus the company became popular in the region as a digital map provider. Map Group Ltd.’s staff work concentrated and detailed to be able to complete significant tasks to meet their target.

After substantial research and testing, Map Group Ltd. managed to gather the right database of Satellite navigation system. Map Group Ltd. is honored to be counted as a first contestant in the history of Kurdistan to provide the new GPS system track that is utilized to guide you any destination without distraction, furthermore the device can use Kurdish, Arabic and English languages.

The satellite navigation device could be updated through an internet medium or by visiting one of our branches to make sure you have the latest software.